Factbox-What are the highlights of UAW’s deals with Detroit Three automakers?

(Reuters) -The United Auto Workers (UAW) union said Monday that 64% of workers at the Detroit Three automakers voted to ratify new record contracts.

Support from workers at some parts and components operations who stand to get substantial raises as they move to higher pay classifications outweighed votes against the contract from some veteran workers.

About 55% of votes cast by General Motors members were in favor of the new deal, while about 69% of Ford Motors members and 68% of worker at Chrylser parent Stellantis who voted supported the agreement.

Following is a roundup of the new labor contract and demands from the UAW:

Criteria UAW’s demands GM Ford Stellantis

Battery-produc Contracts for Workers Workers To build two

tion workers workers at EV covered by covered by new battery

battery contract contract plants in

plants Kokomo, to

locate a new


plant in


Cost of living Wanted COLA Restored Restored Restored

allowances to be

(COLA) restored

Base-wage hike 40% 25% 25% 25%

Ratification N/A $5,000 $5,000 $5,000


Right to Had demanded Yes Yes Yes

strike over

plant closures

Equal wage Tier-system Yes Yes Yes

scale (no among

tiers) employees


Temp employees Better All new temps All new All new

benefits for converted to temporary temporary

temp “in-progressi employees employees

employees on” after 9 converted converted to

months to “in-progress

“in-progre ion” after

ssion” 9 months


9 months

Work-life More paid All employees 200 hours N/A

balance time off for with 20 years vacation

workers or

more of

service are

eligible for

200 hours of


Retirement Improved Improves Increased Improves

benefits retirement contributi retirement

for current ons to for current

retirees, 401(k) retirees,

those workers individual those

with retirement workers with

pensions, and plans of pensions,

those who current and those

have 401(k) workers who have

plans. and 401(k) plans







Reduced Demanded a Not covered Not Not covered

working hours 32-hour work covered


Source: UAW statements

(Reporting by Nathan Gomes, Aishwarya Jain and Abhinav Parmar in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila)


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