Ocean-Made Weed Vapes And A Plastic Negative Certification: The Future Of Eco-Conscious Cannabis?

PAX, a well-known cannabis-vaporization company, has unveiled its partnership with rePurpose Global, establishing itself as the first-ever cannabis brand to achieve Plastic Negative certification across its lineup. This groundbreaking achievement covers fan favorites like the sleek PAX Mini, robust Plus, the innovative Era, 1G pods and even its flavorful Gummies, introducing a new era where each purchase pulls double its weight in plastic out of nature’s embrace.

In an equally impressive stride toward a greener future, PAX announced the debut of the PAX Trip, a marvel of eco-conscious engineering. This all-in-one vape, crafted from ocean-bound plastic, stands as the industry’s maiden plastic negative offering, marrying PAX’s signature pure cannabis oils with an eco-friendly conscience. With its sights set on Massachusetts for its premiere, and plans to weave through California and New York shortly after, the PAX Trip will sell for a welcoming $35, inviting eco-aware consumers to partake in a sustainable puff of change.

“The cannabis industry, entangled in sustainability challenges, from fluctuating markets to social equity, beckoned for our action,” said 

Laura Fogelman, PAX’s vice president of communications and public affairs reflects on the journey to this moment. She muses on the drive to pioneer a path of sustainability within the industry, hoping to inspire a ripple effect of green innovation.

Digging into the mechanics of this initiative, Scott Collins, the brain behind PAX’s hardware product and design, sheds light on the meticulous efforts to phase out plastic usage, emphasizing the pivotal role of partnerships in spearheading a future where circular solutions aren’t just imagined but implemented. This vision takes tangible form in support of rePurpose Global’s Paraíso de Ballenas project, aimed at reviving the whale-rich coastlines of Colombia, currently marred by the blight of plastic waste.

Rooted in more than a decade of championing sustainability, PAX’s latest venture is a continuation of its commitment to the plant and the planet. With a future lineup set to feature packaging infused with post-consumer recycled materials and a longstanding dedication to durable product design, PAX redefines what it means to enjoy cannabis responsibly.

In the world of cannabis, PAX not only dreams of a greener future but actively constructs it, inviting us all to partake in the journey towards a more sustainable, plastic-free world.

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