BlackBerry Eyes On Vehicle Software Development – Partners With Germany-based ETAS To Advance Next-Generation Solutions

BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB) on Wednesday inked a pact with ETAS GmbH, a solution provider for developing automotive software.

Under the deal, BlackBerry’s unit QNX will jointly sell and market software solutions, accelerating the development of safety-critical functions for next-generation software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

In this enhanced reselling collaboration, building upon the longstanding technical alliance between ETAS and BlackBerry, both firms will offer pre-integrated software utilizing ETAS middleware RTA-VRTE based on AUTOSAR Adaptive and the QNX Operating System. 

This combination ensures a secure platform for developing microprocessor-based vehicle computer/domain controller electronic control units (ECUs).

Moreover, this encompasses ETAS’ automotive firewall and host-based intrusion detection technology, enabling automakers and suppliers to enact ongoing security surveillance in accordance with UN-R 155 and ISO/SAE 21434 standards.

The software from ETAS and BlackBerry QNX provides a foundation for data management, communication, task execution, safety, security, and flexibility, which will continue to empower automotive manufacturers to deliver innovative features, enhancing safety and security, and pave the way for the future of mobility. 

“Optimized software and technology integration backed by trusted and established ecosystem supplier is critical to the long-term success of next-generation connected vehicles,” said Grant Courville, Vice President, Products & Strategy at BlackBerry QNX.

Yesterday, BlackBerry announced a collaboration with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD), designed to revolutionize next-generation robotic systems by enabling new levels of low latency and jitter, as well as repeatable determinism.

The companies will address the critical need for ‘hard’ real-time capabilities in robotics-focused hardware with an affordable and powerful platform that delivers enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability for robotic systems in industrial and healthcare.

The platform merges BlackBerry QNX expertise in real-time foundational software solutions with the AMD Kria K26 SOM, integrating Arm and FPGA programmable logic-based architecture.

Price Action: BB shares closed higher by 7.64% to $3.10 on Tuesday.

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