Jim Cramer Says AMD Under $150 Would Be ‘Terrific’ But ‘It Doesn’t Have What Nvidia Has’

In a recent development, Jim Cramer, the host of “Mad Money,” shared his thoughts on Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) in comparison to its competitor Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA).

What Happened: During the “lightning round” segment of CNBC’s show on Thursday, Cramer expressed his views on AMD. He stated, “I think AMD under $150 would be terrific…It’s real good, but it doesn’t have what Nvidia has.”

AMD’s stock closed at $166.75 on Thursday after rising 0.97% during the trading session.

Why It Matters: Cramer’s comments come at a time when AMD has been making significant strides in the tech industry. Despite this, the company is still seen as playing catch-up to Nvidia in certain areas.

Earlier in May, it was reported that Nvidia’s dominance in the AI sector had left both Intel and AMD vying for the second spot. This indicates the uphill battle AMD faces in competing with Nvidia in the AI space.

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However, AMD has been making significant progress in other areas. The company recently secured 33% of the server CPU market and is gearing up for a major processor launch. Additionally, AMD’s expanded partnership with Samsung and the introduction of new 3nm chips are expected to further boost its market share.

Despite these positive developments, Cramer’s comments suggest that AMD still has ground to cover in order to match up to Nvidia’s overall market position.

Price Action: During the pre-market session on Friday, AMD shares were down 1.34% and Nvidia was up 0.12%, according to Benzinga Pro.

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